Happiness through fitness

Exercising in water builds cardiovascular stamina, strength, and flexibility, helps burn body fat, increases circulation, and can help you rehabilitate healing muscles and joints.

Many benefits

Increases muscle strength, builds endurance, increases flexibility, alleviates pressure on the joints, relives stress and decreases anxiety, and reduces blood pressure.

“To appreciate why water training works so well, you need to understand water’s unique properties. In water, you have almost no gravity. You’re relieved of 90 percent of your body weight, so you become buoyant. This frees you to move in new ways.

You can float, bob and relax without feeling like you’re putting out an effort. Yet water provides 12 to 14 percent more resistance than air, so moving through it is like having weights all around your body”

– Dr Mercola


People participate according to their own personal levels. When people have fun exercising, there is more likelihood they will do it regularly. Increase muscle strength: a study conducted in 2007 found that after 12 weeks of regular aquatic aerobic exercise, participants had made significant gains in strength, flexibility and agility. Relives stress and decrease anxiety. Reduces blood pressure: In fact the water pressure actually works with your blood as well and enables one’s blood flow to circulate more effectively throughout the body.